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I'm just an ordinary human being who takes the God of the Bible seriously and loves to have meaningful conversations.


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The Spiritual Journey

I was raised in a Lutheran Church and baptized as an infant. During college, I became an Atheist convinced God didn't exist and life was nothing more than an evolved cosmic accident. I explored the teachings of Buddhism. I married someone with Catholic roots. I was born again and baptized as an adult in a Baptist Church. I served musically in a Presbyterian church and got serious about following Jesus in a non-denominational Protestant Air Force Chapel in Japan. I earned an MA in Ministry from a Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in GA while attending a Non-Denominational Charismatic Mega-Church in CA because of their small Messianic Jewish Ministry (I'm not Jewish). Lastly, I currently lead worship at a Methodist Church in OH while working for a multi-denominational para-church public school ministry.

I think I can relate to you.

Here's a photo of me with some of my crew.

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